hear me out: someone out there is living their absolute dreamiest existence with the business they’ve thought up. so why can’t you? if you can feel your brand aching to stretch it's potential-filled wings, I can be the bridge you need to attract the clients you’re dying to meet.


-1.5 hour branding consultation
-logo + 3 logo variations
-color palette
-3 fonts


branding option one

are you just starting off on your entrepreneurial venture and need something affordable AND full of your contagious personality? this one's for you, bbg. this is the kickstart your brand has been CRAVING.

let's do it

sparkle starter

starting at $700

-everything from sparkle starter, PLUS
-branding guidelines
-branding strategy
-ideal client blueprint


this is for you if you need branding AND a sense of direction. if you don't know who your ideal client is or how you can get them to notice you, this package is your north star.  

okay yes.

starting at $850

branding option Two

-authenticity amplified, PLUS
-custom patterns
-custom illustrations


starting at $1500

this is for you if you're ready to meet your unforgettable brand that leaves jaws dropping and hearts racing. say BYE to blending in. this one is designed for the unapologetic world wakers. get excited to watch your business soar to euphoric new heights


unveiled euphoria

branding option THREE

-unveiled euphoria branding package, PLUS
-design and development of a one-page website
-responsive design for desktop + mobile
-training + support on how to update your website using showit's platform.


branding + WEB DESIGN option one

this is for you if you want stellar branding (like... the real deal) AND a website that allows you to showcase your personality, skills, and story in a single scroll. it's like inviting your dream client into your (digital) living room.

I need this

magic maker

starting at $2500

-everything included in the magic maker package, PLUS
-design and development of 5 additional pages


starting at $4000

this is for you if you want a website that will both give you a dopamine rush and ignite your inner child. this one is designed for the rule breakers, the troublemakers. this is the one to pick if you have enough faith in yourself to take a leap.

this is the one.

branding + Web design option two

show stopper

show stopper

jaw dropper 

craving more?

Here are some add-on OPTIONS:

-animated logo
-brand naming
-gift wrap
-motion graphics
-yearly website maintenance

-business cards
-client presentation templates
-packaging design
-social media kit
-marketing collateral

branding + Web design Add-on's

Cannot give Christianna a better review!!... she is incredible with creativity. (all of her ideas are so different and unique- I don’t know how she does it so quickly)! The final product is crisp, one of a kind, high quality, and perfectly branded to me.


"I may be a bit obsessed with Christianna and her work! I was looking for a new logo and came across her Instagram. I was immediately drawn to her work and reached out right away! She was very responsive and we got right to work... at the end of the day she just wants her clients happy and satisfied! Christianna was SO SWEET the entire time, worked with me until the very end, and I walked away with a beautiful logo I'm in love with! She is my go-to graphic designer."


- Brittany

Christianna was AMAZING!!!! She made all my branding dreams come true & created my vision perfectly

work with me!