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I’m going to take you on an expedition into the realm of textures and how they can transform your brand design into something extraordinary. buckle up, baby!

unleashing the power of textures

A brand isn’t just a company and its logo, it’s a whole personality in itself! I want to be easily approachable and I want potential clients to know that they can trust me.

what is a brand?

as a brand new mom, I remember feeling at a loss of how to balance being a mom and being a brand and web designer.

how I balance being a mom and designer

there are plenty of tips, tricks, and resources they leave you in the dark about when you venture into freelance design work.

12 design resources nobody taught me

making an animated gif is easier than you might think, it’s actually super simple to do in procreate!

how to make an ASL gif in procreate

how to create a custom color palette for your brand (tips + tricks from a brand and web designer)

how to create a color palette for your brand