hi friend!! are you ready to uncover your own unrepeatable brand? like… really figure it out? are you open to listening to yourself deeply and learning how you really want to express your brand visually? join me in an in-person branding workshop that will help you to get to know your brand on a more intimate level and leave with your own branding guidelines, a stronger sense of identity, and connections with other utah county entrepreneurs. 

branding workshop

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The Canvas
144 W 400 S, Provo, UT

10 am to 4 pm

december 2, 2023

I will give you actionable steps for  implementing your branding, including moving forward with social media and/or your website.

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on the agenda

what you'll learn about:

I'll how you where you can source motifs and/or illustrations from, and how to create or choose assets that reinforce your brand's identity.

5. Motifs + illustrations

I will teach you tangible steps to choose colors that have meaning for you. you will be guided to pick colors that are both functional and reflective of your personality.

2. color paletteS 

you'll learn how to identify your ideal clients, define your branding goals and your branding values, and then you'll learn how to align your branding to be reflective of your long term goals.

1. branding strategy

I'll teach you how textures and small details can add to your brand story. I'll show you where I like to source my brand texture images from and then I'll show you how you can make them your own.

4. textures

I'll give you a tour into the world of typography and help you find fonts that resonate with your brand's personality. i'll show you where to find the best fonts for the best value 

3. font selection

branding + WEB DESIGN option one

You will walk away with not only your own branding guidelines, but also practical, actionable knowledge that empowers you to apply what you've learned immediately.

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why choose this workshop?


I believe in the power of connection. That’s why I decided to have this workshop in person! This workshop provides the opportunity to build connections with other budding entrepreneurs in Utah County. 


This will be an exploration of yourself– learning what brings you visual pleasure and what inspires you. 


I prioritize kindness in all constructive criticism. I will hold space for you to feel comfortable, encouraged, and supported throughout your branding adventure. 


-you are done looking outside for what your branding “should” look like and want to find your authentic expression

-you would love to start friendships with other entrepreneurs in utah county

-you want to discover more about yourself

-you want actionable steps for implementing your branding

-you want a brand that deeply represents you

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this course is for you if

in a nutshell,
this course is for you if