web design!

After doing your branding, I’ll head design your home page. I’ll send you a completed home page for you to gawk over and give me feedback on.


Using the home page as inspiration, I will design all of the rest of the pages on your site in both desktop and mobile.


You’ll peruse everything, ask your bff’s for feedback, and send me all of your thoughts.


Once it’s perfect, we launch. Your website is live and you are giddy and proud of how far you’ve come! watch out world


yes baby!

desktop + mobile optimized

6 pages of custom web design

login permissions + site transferred to you

(If i nail it, you owe me an inquiry ;)

I’m gonna be bold and guess what your biggest hesitations are.

maybe it’s sorcery and I’m a witch. or maybe I’m really good at listening to you and figuring out what makes you different from any other human. either way, we’re getting those good results ;) I’m gonna prance around your brain to find a way to visually express you and appeal to the clients that YOU will love to work with.

okay but is it gonna really feel like me though? how??

If you’re here, it means that you aren’t thrilled with the way that your brand looks and feels. I GET it! my own website was by far the hardest for me to do because it’s soooo hard to see yourself and your own brand objectively. 

you will spend less time and money hiring a designer than if you try to DIY it for years on your own. 

imagine all of those years with a dope ass website pulling in dope ass clients instead of a cringey website pulling in clients that don’t fit you?!? 

is it the right time for me to hire a brand designer? 

If i might be so bold……. you won’t? not because I’m a flawless designer but because I will listen lovingly to all of your feedback and implement it. if round one doesn’t feel perfect, we will figure out why. then I’ll tweak it until it feels soooo nice. you will love!

K but what if I hate my branding?

there’s a lot of pieces that go into making a business successful. branding and web design are only one part, but when you have some pieces solidly in place, it’ll be a whole lot easier to put together the rest of the puzzle. instead of being a swerving point, your brand and website design will be an anchor. 

Investing in yourself is absolutely vulnerable. but we have the potential to make big strides when we leap into the unknown.

Is this going to be worth it?

sounds yummy

are you ready to dig in?

sounds yummy.

are you ready to dig in?

Cannot give Christianna a better review!!... she is incredible with creativity. (all of her ideas are so different and unique- I don’t know how she does it so quickly)! The final product is crisp, one of a kind, high quality, and perfectly branded to me.


"I may be a bit obsessed with Christianna and her work! I was looking for a new logo and came across her Instagram. I was immediately drawn to her work and reached out right away! She was very responsive and we got right to work... at the end of the day she just wants her clients happy and satisfied! Christianna was SO SWEET the entire time, worked with me until the very end, and I walked away with a beautiful logo I'm in love with! She is my go-to graphic designer."


- Brittany

Christianna was AMAZING!!!! She made all my branding dreams come true & created my vision perfectly